The FAQ Retail Stores Like To Ask Factories

Panda L Fashion Manufacture

"How's the quality of your new products?"
"Is the MOQ 50? Can the 50 MOQ be different products?"
"Can I check the factory environment?"

We receive similar questions from customers almost every day. We love these questions and are happy to solve them. At the same time, we also hope that answers help you know more about the factory like us and easier to cooperate with.

1. Size
Q: Do you do plus-size appear?
A: Yes, we have OEM service, you can custom your size. In addition, tech packs are required.

2. Sample
Q: Can your factory make a sample before order?
A: Yes, we can make the product samples. You can check the quality, fabric, and size of the products. If you would like to order softer/less wrinkly fabrics or improve the details, we can make adjustments for you.

3. Quality
Q: How is the quality of your new product?
A: We have cooperated with famous brands for many years, and we will check the quality of products before delivery, such as sewing/button/zipper, etc. If you want higher quality fabric, we can purchase according to your needs.

4. MOQ
Q: Is the MOQ 50? Can the 50 MOQ be different products?
A: Most product MOQ is 50 pieces. We can mix different size for one product. If there are some styles which some customers pre-order 10-30 pieces, we can put together the order for you.

5. Factory Environment
Q: Can I check the factory environment?
A: Yes:) What's more, we can a book a time to visit our Guangzhou factory, if you're interested in this and have a plan to Guangzhou.

6. Shipping
Q: Do you send wholesale clothes to the USA?
A: We can ship international, if you're urgent, we can send DHL if not, we can send standard delivery with a lower fee.

7. Login In
Q: How can we see the price on the website?
A: Login in your account or create a new account, and then you can check the price of all products.

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