How to Get Your Product Made?

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Looking to create a brand new clothing line of women apparel? Did you know how to get your clothing made from design to finished product? Let's have a look at the manufacturing clothing process.

You can receive the products in 1.5-2 months. 


Here is the process of manufacturing clothing. Let's have a look.

STEP 1 - Design
The first step to make clothing is designing the sketch or taking pictures of similar products. Submit your design about patterns, size, fittings, and other details you'd like the final cloth to have.

STEP 2 - Sourcing Materials
After designing the sketch, we can source the fabrics you like or custom the fabrics Patterns. For more detail, you can check our blog news>>>Easy custom your Fabric and Styles

STEP 3 - Sample Making
After choosing the fabrics & pattern & fitting, we will make a simple for you and adjust the detail of it until you are happy with the size, fit and shape of your apparel line.

STEP 4 - Cutting
As soon as the apparel design you created is approved, we begin to cut the according to the sketch.

STEP 5 - Sewing
The cut pieces are now the shape of the patterns and multiple sewing machines are used to finish the design.

STEP 6 - Adding Hang Tags
We can also help you add your brand information from adding hang tags to sewing labels & personalized ribbons.

STEP 7 - Checking and packing
Once the products were finished, we will check the details of the product and control the quality before packing.

Do you have no idea about starting your own fashion line? We will help you launch your dream fashion line. WINK GAL WHOLESALE is a leader of the boho fashion industry in Guangzhou, focusing on Australia market. We offer Full-Service of clothing development & manufacturing. According to your needs, our factory produces high-quality products at a fair price.




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