How to Expand Your Brick and Mortar Business to Online?

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Nowadays, Australians are buying online more frequently. According to the survey of Australia Post, Online shopping in Australia reached 8% of total traditional retail sales at the end of 2017, a one percentage point rise on the year before. That means Online shopping is a big trend.

When you take your brick and mortar business to an online e-commerce store, your customer reach is not only regional or local but also national! In addition, your customer can shop when they work, stay home, have lunch rather than pass by your store.

Expanding your brick and mortar business to online seems easy, but in fact, there're several of question you should notice:

1.Online Platform Selection
If you don’t have an existing website, you should choose a simple and low-cost platform like Shopify. A good platform should be easy to customize website colour/fonts/layouts, have quick-response customer service support. Help us manage inventory, orders, shipping, and payments easily and track our traffic, clicks, and conversions.

2.Online Store design
Design is an important part of the website. The website themes should be responsive because mobile transactions now represent more than 50 percent of online transactions in many countries. What's more, an attractive and great user-experience design can encourage customer shop and make them feel safe. If you are not good at design, you can use Canva to make the banner/logo/favicon, and search beautiful free pictures on BurstPixabay or Unsplash.

3.Create Product Listing
In general, the 100~200 top-selling products in brick-and-mortar stores should be selected rather than all products. It's difficult to manage products' inventory if there are too many products.

  • Product titles should match customer search habits.
  • The descriptions should include details such as size, material, colour, availability, etc
  • The visually appealing photo should contain front, back, side, detail of products

4.Shipping Fee
Shipping fee is one of the reasons why customers abandoned their shopping carts.
To avoid that, you can offer free shipping when customers buy over a certain amount.

5.Return & Refund
There are so many problems due to the customers don't try on the products, the picture color looks different and so on. Compared with brick and mortar business, online stores have a higher return & return rate. You should specify the refund policy about the return process and the shipping costs the customer should bear in the website footer.

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