How to Choose Trending Products to Sell Online

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Products are important that set the entire trajectory of your business from day one. So how to know your marketplace and choose trending products to sell?

1. Competitive Analysis

After picking a niche, it's necessary for you to stay tuned on Top-Selling products and new arrivals of your competitor. You can follow competitors' Website / SNS / Google News / EDM, and then analyze the hot-selling product information on price and customer comment.

2. Online Marketplaces

You can also gather inspiration from online marketplaces by checking out what's hot and what's customers comment about popular products. Online marketplaces include Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Here are a few links to get you started: 

3. Fashion Magazine

Look at the fashion element through advertisements of popular fashion magazines. If companies are paying big bucks to advertise these products, they’ve likely already identified a demand for them. Here are a few links of Australian fashion magazine or blog:

4. Influencer / Blogger

Influencers have large followers on the web or social media.

We can check what fashion staple dose influencer share on Instagram Pinterest and Youtube, like tie front tops, floral dress, leopard pants etc.

5.Wink Gal Wholesale

We've partnered with a wide variety of famous brands for many years. According to the requirements of quality and time, our factory manufactures and deliver the seasonal high-quality clothes for famous brands 1-2 months in advanceWe always produce hot-selling clothes and follow the trend. 

Whether you're a startup company or a famous brand, we have the knowledge and resources to help you produce and promo your product.


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