6 Tips Make Customers Buy Again!

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Do you know that? It’s cheaper to turn an existing customer into a repeat customer than to win another new customer. Unfortunately, some customers don't buy again. There're a variety of reasons, like low demand, unlike products, unhappy service, or they just forget about you.

How can wake up their memories when they need your products?

1. High-Quality Products
The biggest reason why customers leave a brand is that the products don't satisfy them.
Therefore the picture and description should match the product. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the goods before delivery.

2.Satisfactory Customer Services
Customer services also make a big influence on retention. You should improve the customer experience and make them happy, like fast shipping, easy exchange & return. In addition, don't forget to pay attention to customer's feedback & complain and help them solve the problem quickly.

3. Create a Loyalty Program
A Customer loyalty program is a great way to increase customer loyalty. You can use the Smile.Io app to set rewards. Reward your customers with coupons and free gifts after they support your brand. 

4.Email Marketing
You can send a personalized email and customize the messages & offers. That makes them feel they're special and entice them to buy again.

5.SNS Advertising
Paid SNS advertising is a great tool for remarketing. Remarketing allows you to display ads on SNS for customers who have visited your site.

6. Survey
You can send customer a Survey email after their products had arrived. Inquire them about the products and the shopping experience. That makes them feel you value their suggestion.
What's more, you can know customers' needs and problems about purchase process, product and service.

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