10 Tips Use Deals to Generate More Sales - Part Ⅰ

Panda L Store Operation

Offering Discounts is a great way to attract buyers and increase sales. Discounts make customers feel they're saving money on something new and are happy to purchase.
Here're serveral kinds of discount you should offer for your customer: 
1. Free Shipping
Some stores offer free shipping and add a minimum amount that customer must purchase. For example, Enjoy Free Shipping on an order over $49. That stimulate customers to buy more than they planned.
2. Newsletter Offer
This offer is for first-time visitors. That's not only collect visitors' email addresses but also increase the chance of a conversion.
3. Monthly New Arrivals Flash Sale
This offer helps us promo new arrivals, get more traffic to your online store. In addition, you can also figure out in a short period of time what's new hot products.
4. Referral Promos
Customers trust friends more than brands, so brand recommendations from friends are a great strategy. Discounts of $5 to $10 can encourage customers to share with friends. 
5. Feedback Discount
Feedback & comments from customers help us know customers' thought and interact with them. What's more, some feedbacks help other customers make a decision. If your products & services are satisfying and you offer 15%-20% off, customers are willing to give positive feedback.

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