10 Tips Use Deals to Generate More Sales-Part Ⅱ

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Discounts not only help us drive sales, improve the traffic, but also build a relationship with repeat customers.

Let's check the 5 Deals you can use at your online store:

6. Holiday Deals and Seasonal Sale
Holiday is the biggest chance for every business to grow revenue. Like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year, Valentine's Day, etc, Holidays are the season for giving gifts and purchasing their new favourite. Building a new landing page with holiday content is a great way to introduce all holiday-top-selling products with massive deals.

7. Abandoned Cart Offers
Abandoned cart offers are for customers who added the products to their cart but don't complete purchase. These customers are interested in your products, but they give up because of the slow page loading speed and complicated settlement process, etc. Abandoned cart email offers can be a powerful tactic to get those people back.

8. Customer Loyalty Offers
Compared with new customers, loyal customers who trust your store are willing to spend more money and shop multiple times. That's why it's important to build a relationship with repeat customers, foster their loyalty. For example, sending 'Happy Birthday' Email and offering discount/a free gift will make customers happy and remember you.

9. Influencer Offers
Partnering with influencers and providing a unique offer code for their fans can help promo brands and increase exposure. What's more, Their fans could become your customers.

10. Campaigns Marketing
Interesting campaigns can help drive engagement, revenue and delight customers, like 'Win back your purchases', 'Comment on Insta win a $100 Voucher', 'A free gift for the first checkout customer'.

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